Book A Race Night gives you great entertainment with a full service DVD Horse Racing event including all the equipment and even a disco! We recommend the following format as a tried a trusted way of raising money for your organisation. We do not involve ourselves in promoting your event, selling tickets or booking the venue but if you need advice on any aspect whatsoever, please call the office on 023 9257 0001.

Firstly, decide on your venue and the number of tickets you aim to sell – be realistic, don’t book a 500 seat venue and sell 150 tickets, or book the local village hall if you are likely to pack it to the rafters. It is better for everyone to be comfortable but feel they are part of a well attended function. Also decide on how elaborate your catering will be (if any) – we feel that if you are going to sell tickets for an event, it is good to make your guests feel that they are getting something for their money,  that way they are likely to give more to you when you ask them to contribute! Book A Race Night provides a Master of Ceremonies, chief cashier (complete with computerised betting system), projection equipment, DVD player and PA system, along with an optional disco. You will need to provide a team of volunteers to sell the tote betting tickets on the night – we can provide these but at an additional cost

7.00pm Reception – try to provide a free drink, perhaps a local business will sponsor this element, in return for a mention in your race programme?

8.00pm Dinner – a simple two course buffet works well, enough for guests to feel they are at a ‘proper’ function but not too elaborate and time consuming.


Game – before dinner commences, or between courses, it is sometimes fun to play a quick game such as ‘heads & tails’, or ‘stand up bingo’, which are easy for everyone to play and start your fundraising early on. Again, a sponsored prize is helpful here.

Raffle – a raffle is always easy to run, again not too elaborate but make sure you have plenty of volunteers to sell tickets, right from the start of the evening


9.30pm  Racing – A 6 race programme takes less than an hour while an 8 race event should last about 75 minutes. If you can sell the horses to people as they buy tickets for the event and offer a (sponsored) prize for the winning owner of each race, this will add to the interest on the evening. You can also auction the horses for the last race and make the prize for the winning owner of this race more special than the others.


You decide on the level of bets for each race, you may choose the leave them the same all evening, or raise the stakes as the races go by. Our cashier will operate the ‘Tote’ betting system for you and work out the prize money in relation to the stakes. We usually find that organisations give out 50% of the stake money in winnings but our computer system will adjust according to your choice. There is also the option of dual forecast tickets which add to the excitement and the money raised!

The ‘Master of Ceremonies will explain all this to your guests on the night and we also provide a written explanation to put in your programme. Remember, this is basically a lottery and not gambling as such, so no special licence is required.

For moer information and all bookings call 023 9257 0001 or use our Contact Page